Your Investment. Our Priority.

Belco Property Management is a full-service property management company that currently manages over 3,000 apartments in the Central Texas area. Founded in 1984, Belco has maintained a positive 40-year track record through multiple real estate cycles. Devoted to providing the best living experience for our residents, Belco’s greatest asset is its dedicated staffs at each community and our corporate office.

Belco is committed to providing operational excellence and customer service through high standards, a dedicated staff, and adherence to the same core values and practices that were established by its founder nearly 40 years ago. Belco prides itself on the ability to quickly respond to its residents’ needs while delivering reliable personal attention.


Belco Property Management will help guide your community to a successful future. We are skilled in various fields including HR, training and accounting to support each community manager and provide advice and best practices in order to deliver the best service for your community.


We are a knowledgeable, unified and superbly trained team. We are committed to providing continual educational and development programs for our employees, including hands-on training, classroom learning and online training systems. This way, we stay on the cutting edge of industry and product knowledge and are equipped to deliver the highest levels of service to our clients and residents. We abide by all Fair Housing Laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations and are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


We have proven operational procedures, which have been developed through years of experience in the multi-family housing industry. Our operating procedures include, but are not limited to, preventive maintenance programs, full and ongoing audits of all contracts and vendors, and detailed and effective operating budgets. We are members and in good standing with the Texas and Austin Apartment Associations. We utilize the Texas Apartment Association application, lease and addendums, complying with all rights and remedies as set out by the Texas Apartment Association, including the processing and handling of judicial evictions. We increase the value of your asset by limiting liability through risk management and providing effective solutions to the issues that affect your community, as well as the lifestyle of all the residents in it.


Our internal experienced financial management team follows rigorous internal review and accounting protocols to promote financial health and stability of your asset. We are constantly looking for ways to maximize profitability, while improving your asset. We find and work with lenders, assisting you in negotiating low refinance rates, and can facilitate the refinance process all together. We research, negotiate, and administer the insurance needs of your community. We analyze long-term financial forecasts and offer a monthly cash flow analysis, amongst other relevant reports, to compute and help determine your community’s financial performance. We don’t just manage the onsite operations of your community; we manage your asset!


Belco maintains strong, long-held partnerships with quality service providers and suppliers. Belco’s large and local portfolio gives us leverage to negotiate savings such as discounts on community services and lower rates on regular maintenance supplies, while still maintaining a superior level of service. We have a reputation for creating and presenting detailed scopes of work for capital improvements and repairs, preventing contractor change orders. Belco’s close proximity to each community allows us to closely supervise a contractor’s quality of work. Your community will receive the care and attention it deserves!


We are available 24-7 to promptly answer or address any of your concerns via text, phone, visit or email. We listen to our clients. It is after all your asset and we want to know exactly what your expectations are to realize your community vision. We solicit candid feedback from our clients on a regular basis and will act as a result of that feedback to become even better at providing your community with the best service.